Shearwater’s Mystery & Adventure Agency events are so much fun that people want to do them at home. Voila! Here they are! We have put together 10 packages of various themes, plots, and sizes to be sure you find the one that’s right for YOU. Each “At Home Mystery” package contains a cast of characters, individual character booklets with notes and secrets, paper props (like a Will or a recipe), a set of clues, tips for the host/hostess (more than what’s in our sample), and, of course, the solution!

Each Game is available as:

PDF (delivered via email within 48 hours) $40
Standard for $40 + S&H
Basic Box Set for $70 + S&H
Deluxe Box Set for $125 (custom-built costs more) + S&H

Box Sets come with more props. Included in our Game Gallery are packages specifically aimed at Fundraising opportunities, celebrations, and custom-built mysteries.

For live-action Mystery & Adventure events go to our Mystery & Adventure Performances page.


Sweet Secrets of Success

The town is abuzz with with the news– Mr. Chapman, the preacher’s son, and Miss Penelope Fontaine, the young, wealthy heiress to Fontaine Wines & Delicacies, are ENGAGED!! A celebratory party is held at the mansion. But things are seldom what they seem, and not everyone is happy about the upcoming nuptials. Is there a poisoner on the loose? Full of fun, intrigue and food. Read a sample.

This game hosts 20 (11 female, 7 male, 2 either gender) with 4 additional optional characters. Props include wine-pairing suggestions, deeds, and recipes for success.

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Games of Chance

Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Backgammon–it’s early in the 20th century, and you’ve set up a fun night of cards and dice. In attendance are the rich and famous and the street-savvy, those on the way up and those on the way down. Some people will bet anything to get it all back. Fortunes of money and jewels are at risk, a perfect opportunity for smugglers and swindlers. Everyone knows too much–solve the mystery before it’s too late! Rules for Craps included.

Tip: Put a Black Spot on 8 cards (or more if you use the extra characters) as the MARK OF DEATH. Whoever draws it must die and play the rest of the game as a ghostly manifestation or a Visitor from beyond! Yes, even the master criminal can be killed….  Read a sample.

8 characters ( 4 women, 2 men, 2 either gender) with 4 additional optional characters.

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Honor Among Thieves

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens’ birth with this rollicking and action-packed evening!

Like Brigadoon, every hundred years the cut-throats and pick-pockets of literary London rise from their dusty pages for a night a revelry. Rollicking Moll Flanders, sinister Daniel Quilp, and charming rogue/murderess Catherine Hayes are among the few who have returned for a night of fun and profit. Information and goods are bought, sold, stolen, duplicated, and lied about–every transaction leads to financial gain! There’s honor among thieves until things take an even more sinister turn. Characters from Dickens to DeFoe, Stevenson to Thackeray populate this at-home mystery. Read a sample.

12 characters (7 female, 5 male) plus 4 optional characters (2 male, 2 female).

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Burglary at the Bat Mitzvah

A group of friends gather together to celebrate at Rebekkah’s Bat Mitzvah party. There’s wonderful food, dancing, and a treasure/scavenger hunt. ut in the midst of it all, Rebekkah and her friends discover that someone–more than one?– is hiding a big secret, and when things turn up missing, it’s up to them to solve the mystery before it’s too late! Read a sample.

21 characters (18 girl characters, 1 boy, 2 written for either boy or girl), and 4 additional optional boy characters. Expand pack (extra 25 characters) available for an additional $35.

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Gunfire and Glamour at the Gala

Holding a big event? Then this is the game for you! Add to your atmosphere of entertainment and intrigue with this fun game. We’ve designed it slightly differently, with “more involved” and “less involved” characters to suit the needs of all your attendees.

It’s 1956, and everyone who is anyone has turned out to see and be seen at this fabulous event. Card games and an auction help break the ice for the guests, all of whom have a secret agenda. Is it money? Power? Love? Espionage? Find out in this fun evening of mystery!

20 characters (8 male, 10 female, 2 either gender) plus 4 optional characters. NOTE FOR FUNDRAISERS: If this is being used to benefit an approved nonprofit organization, we will add as many additional characters as needed for the discounted price of $1 per additional character. Please contact us for more information. Read a sample.

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Melodrama and Murder

It’s a convention and talent-search for the latest silent picture–a melodrama full of intrigue, suspense, and crime. From ingenues and Do-Rights to producers and other villains, performers and movie buffs alike have come for the event. As they whine and dine, everyone tries to impress everyone else with character moments and clever lines, vying to be a part of the film shoot . Who will succeed when not all the murders are for the stage?!?

Includes lines and scenes from real melodramas.

Don’t worry if you get killed-you play the rest of the game as a ghostly manifestation or a Visitor from beyond! Near-death or attempted murder option included. Read a sample.

8 characters ( 3 female, 3 male, 2 either gender) plus 4 additional optional characters

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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Reunited again after nearly a decade, members of the extended Smith-Jones family have come to reminisce and to hear the reading of the Will of Lady Pantalone Hereford Smith-Jones. As the terms are revealed, accusations fly and suspicions rise. Alliances are formed and dissolved, but the questions remain–is there a secret marriage? Are Lady Pantalone’s diamonds fake? And most importantly . . . is there another Will?!? Read a sample.

7 characters (3 female, 2 male, 2 either gender), plus 4 additional optional characters (2 male, 2 female)

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Crime at the Christmas Party

Crimes of passion, crimes of greed, and crimes of the heart are all committed in this light-hearted Holiday-themed game. Love triangles overlap, there’s a mistaken identity, and there’s a chance that loves labors will be lost—that is, unless the mysteries are solved before the night is out. Get caught under the Mistletoe while you solve the Mystery! Read a sample.

12 characters (6 female, 4 male, and 2 that can be male or female), with 4 additional optional characters (2 female, 2 male).

Smaller version–5 characters, plus 2 optional–in development.

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A Trifling Affair

Some friends have gathered together to celebrate Lola’s return from her extended travels abroad. She’s been to Mozambique, Kenya, Jordan, Cyprus, Turkey, and other locations (mostly Mediterranean). Lola’s friends have all made desserts to make this reunion particularly sweet. One friend, Alexis, doesn’t show. Is she running late, or has something happened to make her the Late Alexis Dupree?

Tip: Bake a porcelain figurine into the trifle. The person who gets it must die and play the rest of the game as a ghostly manifestation or a Visitor from beyond! Read a sample.

6 characters (all female) with 4 additional optional characters (2 male, 1 female, 1 either gender)

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Murder, Mayhem, Mystery, and Your Town’s History

Custom-built to meet the needs of your event and your group! This package can be geared toward any audience, including children (in which case it would be just Mayhem and Mystery, and Your Town’s History). Read a sample.

5-20 characters, plus the four optional additional ones; one month advance notice required.


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*PDFs are delivered via email within 48 hours