Shearwater Productions is committed to expanding arts in schools. These How-to booklets and larger lesson modules are designed with detailed step-by-step instructions asa well as an overview of goals. When you purchase a How-to, we guarantee cyber assistance (video-chat, email, telephone). We will be continuing to add to our offerings on this page, so check back. Check out our BLOG page as well for short informational articles–if there’s one you’d like to see developed into a full How-to, let us know!


How-to: Mask Making with Manila Folders $25
Sounds crazy, right? But these architectural wonders are light, beautiful, cheap, fun, and don’t take forever to dry, like paper mache. They do not require a studio nor elaborate heating or water access, and the ‘debris’ is non-toxic and recyclable. They are inexpensive, and with practice, can become elaborate master works of art!

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How-to: Bali Module $45 + S&H
This module has an outline construction to establish sequence and structural constancy. After the Introduction, the Bali Module is broken into three Stages, which in turn are broken into Sections. Each Section contains “Notes to the Teacher”, “Group Discussion”, “Reading and Reflection” (designed as a hand-out for the students), and “Food for Thought”. Finally, there are two “Read On” divisions with deeper content, to read at your leisure. This 71 page module also includes a bibliography. We also have an 11 page extraction for $5, including shipping. Read sample.

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