Masks are said to be spirit-houses, and the most inviting become inhabited. A mask that houses a spirit has ‘taksu’; it is, in some sense, alive. I love everything about masks – I am in awe of them, their power, their mystery, their grace.

Although I have proficiency in many mask-making media, I recommend (and prefer) Aquaplast (that being said, if you would prefer another medium, please ask and I will happily oblige!)

[The custom-made Barong] is a most intriguing and marvelous piece of work. . . I have been looking at it for a couple of days in wonderment.” -Sarah Ross

The real stars of Master Peter’s Puppet Show [El Retablo de Maese Pedro] were the ‘puppets’ themselves. Director Holly Adams did a superb job of directing her live cast in the art of acting like puppets . . . The masks [of the ‘puppets’] also elicited much admiration, with their bulging cheeks and facial features rolled into expressive grimaces. There ought to be a museum for them to be displayed in when they’re not being used.” –  Mark Simon, on the Ithaca Opera’s production of Master Peter’s Puppet Show, by Manuel de Falla.


Commedia dell'arte masks. Arlecchino mask.


Commedia dell'arte masks. Raven mask.


Commedia dell'arte masks. Foxy mask.


Commedia dell'arte masks. Dottore mask.


Sky Chief Daughter

Commedia dell'arte masks. Brighella mask.




Silk Road

Blue 2





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