Mission Statement

To provide relevant, personal, quality arts experiences for the stage and for everyday life that dive deep, lift up, and directly engage viewers, listeners, and participants.


Officially founded in 2011, Shearwater Productions is the parent organization for several artistic enterprises and performing companies that have been active for many years. True to the name ‘Shearwater’, we believe in a transparent and deeply communicative and collaborative process both within Shearwater and between Shearwater and its clients. In addition, most of our performances are dynamic, flexible and often participatory, thereby dissolving the ‘fourth wall’.

Core Beliefs

We believe that art is the Rosetta Stone of human experience.
Art helps us to draw meaning and value from concepts and events.
Art fosters understanding and connectivity between people.
Art promotes strength and healing in times of personal or group despair.
Art is transformative.
Art is marvelous fun.

Art is the Queen of all sciences, communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.” -Leonardo DaVinci

Clients include:

Good Will Shakespeare Festival
United Nations
Humour Foundation of Australia
Ridere per Vivere in Italy
Full Cast Audio
Hangar Theatre
Kitchen Theatre
Connecticut Heritage Productions
Joe Picture This Show
Ithaca Shakespeare Company
JG Hertzler and the New Mercury Theatre of NY
Oddfellows Playhouse of CT
Diversity Consortium of Tompkins County
Museum of the Earth/Paleontological Research Institute
Patch Adams
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Pediatrician Training Program
Johns Hopkins University Publications Review Panel
Wells College
Cornell University
SUNY Binghamton
SUNY Cortland
Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Ithaca College
Culture and Animals Foundation
Johnson Art Museum
Music’s Recreation
Ithaca Opera
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in NYC
Templeton Secondary School in Vancouver, BC
Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts
Indian River School of Performing Arts
Manhasset School Theatre Department
History Center of Tompkins County
Women’s Rights National Historical Park
New York State Theatre Education Association
New York State Alliance for Arts Education
New York State Council on the Arts/Regional Roundtables
Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Ithaca, NY
Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier
Basset Health Clinics/Pediatric Training Program
Ray of Sunshine Clown Therapy Program fo Broome, Tioga, and Tompkins Counties, NY
Common Ground Arts Education Conference
Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County
Community School of Music and Arts
Ithaca Youth Bureau
Galileo Project with Glenn McClure

Final reflections, from “Prescription for Health: Entering the Stories of Others” by Eric Booth

The etymology of the word culture reminds us of this ancient truth—“culture” originally meant the medium in which you grow, like agriculture, closer to the action in the petri dish you used in biology class than in the opera house. The arts….are the most effective way, our essentially human way, of telling our most important stories. Experiencing a deep connection to others through those stories—as a communicating artist oneself, or connecting to an originating or interpreting artist as an audience, and to other audience members who are also entering it—activates the deepest sense of belonging, a full membership in a species that seeks to survive together.