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Written on February 17th, 2013 , The Business of Art Tags:

So you may have noticed that for the first time in the year I have had this blog, I missed a posting!!  Don’t worry, dear reader, it won’t happen again. Here’s what happened….

You see, I have been carrying on a long-standing affair that finally took over my life…..with my work.


I know, I know….. I never thought it would happen to me, either! You see, work started off as a small part of my life, nothing to side-track me from my roles as loving wife and mother. Just the occasional secretive business call during a dish-to-pass, nothing noticeable. I swore I wouldn’t let it interfere with my life….

Then I began sneaking off at parties to write a business email or check my script. My husband began to suspect I was having an affair with my work, but things didn’t really come to a head until I brought my work into bed with us.

And for the past two weeks, this relationship has dominated my life.

Seriously, I have had days where I am up at 6am, out by 7:15, and not home till after midnight, and even when they are not that bad, they are nearly so, with all the ‘spare’ minutes spent trying desperately to get caught up on housework or hauling in wood.

I have just about gone absofreakinlutely crazy!


How did it come to this?

Certainly it’s in part due to my feeling that if I don’t take every opportunity to earn money or move my career forward, I will bring fiscalcatastrophe down on my family. But it is also the slow seepage of the ‘oil spill’ of work into the natural refuge of my life, or perhaps the slow strangling spread of a lovely vine that I admired and thought was pretty, and which is now taking over everything.

More accurately, I myself have given my seemingly innocuous minutes away, which became hours, then days. It’s hard to admit that, because I don’t want to be one of those people who value family and friends less than labor, even when the labor is good and right. However, the fabulous thing about being the one that gave the time away, is that I can take it back!

Realizing that it would be very easy for me to slip back into this pattern, I have decided to try to honor the pattern itself, and use it as an asset to successfully reclaim my personal life. I have hit upon the perfect solution–I’m marrying my work. And the best thing about that, is that I get to have an affair with my husband!

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