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Written on October 27th, 2012 , Arts in Community, Mystery Events, Performing Tags: ,

It’s nearly Hallowe’en, and many people will be celebrating the change in how the seasons ‘feel’, the night of hallows, the Day of the Dead, and/or All Saints Day. This year, Mystery & Adventure Agency has been involved in a number of mystery events, ranging from being co-sponsors of the Ithaca Haunted Tours, to Agatha Christie Mystery Luncheons, to custom-tailored Mystery Dinners that are unique to the clients’ situation.

This week’s blog is a rumination on the question, “Why are we drawn to the mysterious?”

There is something wonderful and joyous about the opportunity to safely ‘let go’, whether that means portraying something or someone scary or allowing oneself the latitude of being deliciously, shriekingly frightened. More than that though, I think we are drawn like moths to flame by the unknown. The loss of a job is terrifying in its own right, but the night before a new job is absolutely stomach-wrenching, but in some way exhilarating.  A new language, a new skill, meeting the ‘Significant Other’ of one’s grown child, moving – anything that takes us out of our familiar element creates a state of fear and even dread. But we are creatures of curiosity (YAY), and if we believe the event will turn out okay, the fear has a hint of thrill and leaves a taste of excitement on the tongue, becoming an adventure.

A haunted tour, or a mystery dinner unfolding with ourselves included, pulls us, draws us into the darkness of unfamiliarity, not knowing what will come next …. AND it includes some of our most terrifying concepts….being stalked by someone with murderous intent! All in fun, of course, and the knowledge that we can let go and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and startled rather than wary makes the whole thing even more exciting.

On that note, go out and get scared or host a mystery dinner of your own (shameless plug here: Mysteries at Home Youtube promo!) or go on a Haunted Tour, or join in on the safe scaring and help create a mystery/haunted tour on your community.

Happy Hallowe’en, y’all!

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    barbara adams commented

    another great blog—provoking new ideas, thoughts and smiles!

    October 28, 2012 at 7:41 pm